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🤍 Christmas

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. It begins December 25 and lasts twelve days, culminating at the Eve of Epiphany (or Twelfth Night) on January 5.

Christmastide is a time to celebrate the gift of God’s presence and to commemorate early events in Jesus’s life.

Holy Innocents’ Day (December 28), which recognizes the children executed by Herod the Great at Bethlehem according to the Gospel of Matthew.

The feast of the Holy Name of Jesus recalls when Jesus’s parents named him at Jerusalem, according to the Gospel of Luke.

The following table lists each day’s morning and evening psalms as well as the first, second, and gospel readings.

In Year One, the second reading is traditionally meant for the morning and the gospel for evening. In Year Two, the gospel is for the morning and the second reading for evening.

When there is more than one first, second, or gospel reading, then those specified for morning or evening are marked by the 🌞 and 🌛 emoji, respectively. Alternative readings are marked by the 🔀 emoji.

On smaller screens, you can scroll both horizontally and vertically to read across rows and columns.

Daily Office Lectionary Readings for Christmas (Year Two)
🗓️ Day🌞 Morning
🎶 Psalm
1️⃣ First2️⃣ Second🗞️ Gospel🌛 Evening
🎶 Psalm
The Nativity of Christ: Christmas Day
2, 85Mic 4:1–5; 5:2–41 John 4:7–16John 3:31–36110:1–5(6–7), 132
Saint Stephen, Deacon and Martyr
28, 302 Chr 24:17–22
Wis 4:7–15
Acts 6:1–7
Acts 7:59–8:8
Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist
97, 98Prov 8:22–30
Isa 44:1–8
1 John 5:1–12John 13:20–35145
The Holy Innocents
2, 26Isa 49:13–23
Isa 54:1–13
Matt 18:1–14
Mark 10:13–16
19, 126
18:1–202 Sam 23:13–17b2 John 1–13John 2:1–1118:21–50
20, 21:1–7(8–14)1 Kgs 17:17–243 John 1–15John 4:46–5423, 27
First Sunday after Christmas
93, 961 Sam 1:1–2, 7b–28Col 1:9–20Luke 2:22–4036
The Holy Name of Christ
103Isa 62:1–5, 10–12Rev 19:11–16Matt 1:18–25148
341 Kgs 19:1–8Eph 4:1–16John 6:1–1433
681 Kgs 19:9–18Eph 4:17–32John 6:15–2772
85, 87Josh 3:14–4:7Eph 5:1–20John 9:1–12, 35–3889:1–29
Eve of Epiphany
2, 110:1–5(6–7)Jonah 2:2–9
Isa 66:18–23
Eph 6:10–20
Rom 15:7–13
John 11:17–27, 38–4429, 98
Note: References follow abbreviations from the Society of Biblical Literature.